Tremezzo, Villa Carlotta

Villas and Gardens on Lake Como

Villa Carlotta, one of the most beautiful villas on Lake Como, is located in Tremezzo.
The villa, the staircases and landscaped garden were built in the late 1600s for the Clerici family. After that it became a property of Count Sommariva , who partially modified the style according to the dictates of neo-classicism, and then of Princess Marianne of the Netherlands, who made of it a wedding gift to her daughter Carlotta. Inside the villa there is a significant museum collecting statues, paintings and pieces of furniture from the neo-classical period, including exquisite sculptures by Antonio Canova and paintings by Francesco Hayez. On the second floor you may see decorations from the eighteenth century and rooms with antique furnishings
In the garden you can admire trees and plants from all over the world: pergolas of citrus fruits, towering hedges of camellias, southern tree ferns  palm trees, tropical plants, rare coniferous trees, collections of bamboo. In spring (April- May) you can witness a wonderful flowering of azaleas in about 150 varieties. From the gardens and terraces of the villa you may enjoy sweeping views of the mid lake, Bellagio, Grigne, Mount Legnone.

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