The Way of St. Augustine

The Way of St. Augustine is a pilgrimage that can be performed on foot or by bike. In its first part it connects 25 Marian shrines located in Brianza. In this first part the route is round and closed to build a flower, it has a length of 353 km and winds in the Monza-Como-Lecco-Monza area. The Way continues then to Milan, Pavia and Genoa.
From the point of view of the landscape it is a very rich route, as further to the Marian shrines the way includes important artistic sites and areas of interest such as churches, monasteries, ancient and modern monuments, parks villas.
The symbol of the Way of St. Augustine is a crown with twelve stars on a blue field (the logo of the European Union), with a second elliptical crown of yellow stars representing the 25 shrines. Between the two crowns of stars there is the stylization of the royal crown, the symbol of the city of Monza and in general of the whole Brianza.


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