The Group of Resegone

The summit praised by Alessandro Manzoni (Italian writer, 1785-1873) in his novel "The Betrothed" offers an unforgettable experience.

The name originates from its shape with nine peaks reproducing a hacksaw, that in the dialect of Lecco is called a "Resega."

The Group of Resegone is the most famous mountain in the Lecco area with the 1875 mt of its main peak named Cermenati.
Its jagged outline is clearly visible and recognizable from far away, even from over Milan and Como particularly on clear days.

Hikers may choose three sides for their excursions: from Lecco, from Morterone and from Erve. All of them are very beautiful and with different characteristics in length and difficulty. Easy paths suitable for everybody and more demanding routes including via ferrata, ideal for trained hikers.

For extreme sports lovers there are several crags for climbing.

Unique is the view you can enjoy from the Piani d'Erna, a true balcony over Lecco: a pleasant town located at 1.300 meters asl easily reached by a cable car in just five minutes.


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