The Group of Grigne

Rugged and impressive peaks for an unmatched trekking, the Group of Grigne is probably the most famous group of the Alps of Lombardy and with its unmistakable shape it dominates the landscape of the Lecco area.

The group consists of the Northern Grigna, usually called Grignone (2409 mt.) and the southern Grigna known as Grignetta (2111 mt.).
The first, definitely less harsh, offers many possibilities for excursions, all of them offering amazing views from the summit on the central and western part of the Alps.
Accessible both from the lake side starting from Mandello del Lario and more conveniently from Valsassina, the Northern Grigna is also a very popular ski resort.

The Grignetta is very famous for its beautiful natural surroundings, the excellent network of trails allowing unforgettable excursions and the many climbings. The terrain is very steep, with deep ravines, dozens of rock formations and pinnacles.

Particularly enjoyable are the short trips to the Pian Resinelli.
Hospitality and good food are always available in huts and restaurants, some of them are accessible directly by car (like those at the Pians Resinelli) while other ones are located at the end of longer or shorter hikes, ideal for a restorative break.

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