Regional Park "Spina Verde"

The name “Spina Verde” indicates the ridge that extends north-west of Como along the Swiss-Italian border. The Park represents the natural green lung of the entire area. The Park hills consist of sedimentary rocks dating back to the Tertiary. The area has got many points of interest, both naturalistic with imposing chestnut woods and archaeological due to interesting remains and monuments from various eras. There is the medieval Baradello Castle, the symbol of the park, the Romanesque Basilica of St. Carpoforo, as well as more recent testimonies like the trenches of Sasso di Cavallasca. Not to omit the recreational aspect, being the whole park crossed by a network of trails, view points and lodges.

Please find hereafter some B&B located nearby:

B&B La Casa di Agnes
B&B La finestra sul Giardino
B&B Il Mulino
B&B La Cà del Bagatel