"Crespi d’Adda" workers’ village, Capriate San Gervasio

The workers’ village Crespi d’Adda is the representation of a utopia: the ideal workers’ village. Since 1995 it is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage as an outstanding example of the phenomenon of the workers' villages developed in Europe and Northern America between 1800 and 1900 and is the most complete and best preserved in southern Europe.
This artificial housing was conceived, dreamed, designed and built by the industrialist Crespi who wanted to realize an ideal city for his cotton mill where the employees and their families could have all necessary for their lives: a church, school, hospital, after recreational clubs, theater, public toilets, shops.
The village is laid out geometrically around the factory that develops along the main road, while the buildings stand in a very tidy and precise way.
The workers' houses are of English inspiration: about 50 well aligned small houses with own orchard and garden. There are the small villas of the employees, the villas of the managers and a castle tower villa. Today Crespi d'Adda still hosts a community largely descendant from the workers who lived and worked there, and can still be visited. The factory was operational till 2004 in the cotton textile industry. From the village it is possible to catch the cycling-pedestrian path running along the river Adda that offers a range of beautiful itineraries for the landscape and cultural interest of the sites.

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