Corni di Canzo ("Horns" of Canzo)

The group of the “Horns of Canzo” in the “Larian Triangle” is well known for the beauty of the landscape, well preserved nature and the many paths that suit everyone, from families with children to experienced hikers.
Their shape is unique: three rocky peaks looking like “horns” standing out from the east to the west, clearly visible from the plain: the Western Horn (1372 mt), the Central Horn (1366 mt) and the Eastern Horn (1232 mt). They are the highest peaks in the coastal hills that separate the Lambro river from the Lecco branch of Lake Como; the first two ones border the northern head of the Ravella valley and form the border between the towns of Canzo and Valbrona, while the third summit, the lowest one, is included in the territory of Valmadrera.
Mountain huts:
The SEV hut, located on the north slope of the Central Horn at 1225 mt a.s.l. You can reach it from Valbrona through a comfortable paved road. Being private, the road is almost always closed by an iron bar to prevent cars passing.
The Terz'Alpe hut, a property of the Regional Forest but used as an agritourism. It is located in the Ravella valley on the path that comes from Canzo.

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